Clint Boons Manchester - Afflecks

Thank you Clint Boon and XS Manchester for popping into Afflecks in November spreading the word about what a cool place it is! 

Afflecks is the independent home of everything you need to get your Christmas shopping done this year. 

Can you spot the Northern Quarter Gallery on the 2nd floor?

If you didn't know Clint Boon was in a band called the Inspiral Carpets are formed in 1983 in Oldham, Greater Manchester. The band's most successful lineup featured frontman Tom Hingley, drummer Craig Gill, guitarist Graham Lambert, bassist Martyn Walsh and keyboardist Clint Boon.

Inspiral Carpets  and Clint are featured on the Madchester Music Map which is available here at the gallery or online designed by NQ creative JSWillis!

madchester music map - northern quarter gallery

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