• stories by AFFLECKS - HATCH

    We were very excited to be given the opportunity to have a pop-up gallery along side our friend Biaba from a fellow Afflecks gallery EGOISTE.

    Stories by Afflecks is a collaboration with Hatch which is Manchester's latest food, drink and shopping destination.
    It is situated on Oxford Road just underneath Mancunian Way, Hatch is home to its own florist The Beehive, brewery and various street food vendors just to name a few.With a box park vibe, the containers are the perfect weekend hang out for friends and couples. With plans to expand Hatch with around another 30 containers it really is an exciting project for the city.
    We were the first chapter from Stories by Afflecks. Having teamed up with Afflecks Palace, Hatch offers another space for independent brands currently in Afflecks to retail in a different location in the city.

    We even got a little feature on an article by The Fashion Network during our stay at Hatch.

    check out the full article and Video at https://www.thefashionnetwork.co.uk/articles/KHqQDica8t7sSygSZ.
  • A look through the Lens

    Ben Sedman was one of the very first resident artists at the Nq gallery so we thought it was about time we shared his journey as a photographer with you.
    I've had a passion for photography from an early age and I've always been intrigued and inspired by both the man made and natural world.
    I've been fortunate enough to travel to many countries and love immersing myself in the different cultures. This has without doubt inspired my love of vibrant colour, architecture and textures, which I hope I capture within my designs.
    I've lived in Manchester for over 14 years, and throughout that time, I've met a number of people, who have given me the opportunity to develop my skills as a photographer.
    Setting up my own business has been a great deal of hard work, as this was on top of a full time job lecturing at MMU. I had no previous photography training or any idea about how to set up a small business. But, with the support (and patience!) of friends and family and the opportunity to join the Makers Market, I was able to build up a portfolio, showcase my work and reach a wide audience.
    Being involved in the Makers Markets enabled me to met other creative minded people and doing so, a group of us became involved in the NQ Gallery based in Afflecks Palace. Being part of such a unique gallery has always been a dream of mine, and now its a reality.
    I lecture part time now at MMU, I really enjoy my work there and find supporting the students very rewarding. I also part own 'The Chorlton Art Market' soon to be relaunched as 'The Art Hive.
    I set up 'Art In The Alley', along with 8 other artists, and have a number of other plans on the horizon.
    I'm currently out in Dubai, working on a commission resulting from my client visiting the gallery.
    I certainly didn't think I'd be doing this a couple of years ago! I guess, if you are truly passionate about something, you just have to go for it. It's a risk, and a huge amount of work, you get a
  • The ‘Joy Division inspired Manchester Bee’ by CJTaylord Art.

    The ‘Joy Division inspired Manchester Bee’ by CJTaylord Art.

    When creating this piece, Christian was inspired by Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album cover art, which he has cleverly used to symbolise the emblem of our great city – the Manchester Bee. In simple terms, the Unknown Pleasures album cover is a “stacked plot” of the radio emissions given out by a pulsar, a “rotating neutron star”; which grew to become an iconic symbol of Manchester’s Joy Division. Together with the Manchester Bee, which has been a symbol of Manchester’s hard working industrial past since the 1800's, Christian has brought his passion for Manchester’s history, colour and striking imagery together. Christians’ meticulous and open-minded approach allowed him to embody this core imagery in an eye-catching and inspiring way.
  • Sketch Mcr in Sketching The Northern Quarter Gallery!

    We had the pleasure of Ben Rock Wills also known as Sketch MCR in the gallery today in Afflecks Palace actually Sketching us!
  • 60 years Anniversary of the Manchester United Football team and the Munich Air Disaster.

    Sadly it's a another anniversay today 60 years of The Munich air disaster occurred on 6th February 1958. Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from slush covered runway at Munich-Riem Airport. West Germany. On the plane was the Manchester United Football returning from a European cup match in Belgrade. Team nicknamed Busby Babes along with supporters and photographers.

    The gallery is situated in the heart of Manchester Northern Quarter and Football is a big part of lots of peoples lives. Here at the gallery we have a selection of Designs, Photomontages and illustrations available from some of our resident artists. Including Ben Sedman and Sketchbook Uk.

    #oldtrafford #oldtraffordstadium #munich #60years #manchester#busbybabes #football #united #flowersofmanchester@afflecks_manchester #affleckspalace #prints #anniversary #memory#footballmemeories available online or pop into the #nqgallery #football#footballcoach #footballplayers #footballmanager #manchesterunited#manunited #manunitedfans
  • TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN MANCHESTER - Park Inn by Radisson

    Afflecks Palace
    Hipsters, hold on to your funky hats and groovy glasses: Manchester not only has an indie shopping mecca – it masters it. Afflecks Palace might make you think of bling-bling and Hollywood, but really the place resembles a backdrop for an underground short film. Here, you’ll find everything hip and quirky. Delve into a world of vintage clothing, colorful crystals and mystical boutiques. See a hypnotherapist or a tattoo artist. Find a futuristic outfit for your next dress up party or get lost among graffiti gadgets and guitars. End your shopping spree with a wonderful vegan venture.
  • REWARD For the return of this Large bespoke Sugar Skull Stolen From The Northern Quarter Gallery

    Stolen Painting from the NQ Gallery in Afflecks Palace on the 2nd Floor. reward for the safe return
  • BeeQuest - The Bees of Greater Manchester

    BeeQuest - The Bees of Greater Manchester created by @philipbutlerfreelance featuring one of the Nq galleries resident artists @CJTaylord Art
  • Collaberation is the new competition